About Me


Thanks a lot for visiting this About Me page.

Let me give you a quick intro.

I am Muhammad Faheem, an English Literature graduate, working as a web content writer since 2009. Writing is not what I love the most as I have selected this as a profession.

I can not claim that I have been writing creative write-ups since childhood. but, you can say, now, that I am working since long, I love my job. It is fun finding different products, services, topics, and concepts, carrying your research for better understanding, and then crafting content around them for making others understand and getting engaged.

I have been a full-time employee since 2009 but did freelancing as a side hustle throughout the years. so, I do freelance, but not full-time, as I am currently working a full-day job and pursuing a personal blog as well. I have named it Jiggling Words.com and aim to continue sharing tips, tricks, techniques, the challenges we (the writers) face and how these can be solved. You can pay a visit and review my posts there.

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