How To Relieve Yourself From Depression?

Want to relieve yourself from depression? Read it in full. It will only take 3 minutes.

relief from depression

Depression is found commonly in today’s world of materialism. In my opinion, this world was created to populate a kind of creature who will set exceptionally marvelous standards of humanity by helping each other. It was not created to exploit the weak and poor one, who neither has the power nor money to get the rights someone is snatching from him. Such imbalances have caused an extreme level of depression in different social circles. And, the majority of the people are not aware of the exploiters; hence they are worshipping and considering them the leaders.

To help you get some relief from your busy life, I am sharing some practically proven ways to get relieved from a distressful life and would like to suggest you take out some time for you as well. A number of people depend on you. You are a ray of hope and light for someone you might never know. Your kids, parents, and siblings need you. So, refresh your mind and body to enjoy the serenity of nature that surrounds us.


Yes, a morning walk! Despite all the technological attractions, the mornings still have a matchless charm that can never be found in your expensive smartphones, tablets and gaming gadgets. We spend a number of hours on social platforms to show a diplomatic self by messaging, commenting, liking and sharing posts, which are limiting us to the world of deception. Set your routine, have a morning walk and you will see the difference.

I would suggest uninstalling the application from your smartphone you are more addicted to, either it is Facebook, candy crush or fruit ninja. And, you will feel amazing. Inhale the fresh and cool breeze, and listen to the actual chirping of birds rather than the boring tweets. It will surely help you relieve yourself from depression.


Writing a diary is a very ancient concept of documenting your worries and set yourself free from the unjust behavior of people because of your innocence, sincerity and straight forwardness. If you still want to go with the old habit, have a paper and pen down all the worries. It is often advisable to talk to your friends, but it can’t be regular and at your own will. A friend will respond when he finds some free time, and it might be late for you to share them.

The Old Rule of Writing a Diary Still Prevails

Blogging is almost an alternative to diary writing, as you have the option, either to make the post public or keep it private. By sharing it with people, you can find people of the same mentality. And, it will build a supportive community around you. And, you can frequently interact with them through valuable posts and their comments on it.


Do something for free, without expecting material or immaterial return. It could be anything, like helping the poor and needy by buying them a meal, food, and clean water. You can contribute to a cause that is helping people to have a better lifestyle by educating poor children, providing them food and shelter, and equipping them with vocational skills to become their own breadwinners.

Volunteering is not all about spending money. If you are a student, an unemployed or cannot afford to contribute to the noble cause, you can utilize your skills, talent, and energies in helping others. Like you spend an hour or two from your busy schedule to visit elderly people in the old houses, talk to them, share their worries and make them realize that they are the best human beings.

Visit an orphanage to meet the kids and play with them, who have not experienced the love of a father and mother. Sharing and caring is the real purpose of our lives. We can’t live in isolation because we are not animals.

Furthermore, you can share your valuable time with poor kids for free of cost tutoring. Letting them play games on your cell phone or laptop or even taking a selfie with them. It’s that much simple. Life is nothing without seeking happiness for others. Give them the happiness they deserve, and you will be relieved.

Give a smile to someone who seems to be stressed or confused

The simplest way to keep volunteering without spending money or energy is to greet people with a smile. For example, give a smile to a person who is trying to cross you in traffic early in the morning while you are also getting late for the office. Showing anger will neither benefit you nor the person on the opposite. So, why not to relieve yourself from depression aside by not shouting on the way to work?

Do you know the 80-20 rule?

I would like to mention the 80-20 rule here that means 80% of our problems occur because of the 20% we behave. If your child does something wrong, the harsh words you use for abusing him will play only a 20% role, but will ruin the remaining 80% of your routine. He may stop taking meals, injure himself or indulge in other wrong doings, which could be more devastating than your imagination.

On the other hand, if you talk to him politely and make him understand his mistake, it will neither harm him nor you all the day. We often take such things for granted in our routine, but these things really matter a lot. As, alone, it may not be a big issue, but can count towards bigger issues that may unintentionally disturb you.


I don’t know which religion or faith you follow, but it is a must for everyone to get connected to his beliefs. Being a Muslim, I feel blessed and relaxed when I enter a Masjid and pray after the prayer-leader. In the same manner, you can find your trigger points where you can get relaxed. For example, for a Christian, it is not necessary to visit a church in a routine, but studying religious books may surely set them off the depression.

So, if you are a Muslim, recite the holy Quran, listen to the sermons by famous and authentic scholars, and follow their seminars and conferences. These are the acts that we do not commit for the sake of monetary return, that’s the reason it brings eternal peace, kindness, and humbleness in our personality.

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